The Key To MAKE PROGRESS Is An Action Plan!

My Journey

In 2016, I suffered a herniated L5-S1 spinal injury that left me in constant pain and at my heaviest weight. After spinal surgery in 2017, the pain persisted, and I felt like I was going to always be disabled. I refused to give up. I started making lifestyle changes. I lost 70 lbs and became active with less pain.

My progress plateaued in every area. In 2021, I joined an online men’s group, a platform for self development and accountability. I learned the 12 week system that I still use for myself and coach others with.

As a personal development coach, I specialize in creating customized 12-week action plans that are tailored to each client’s needs and goals. I provide the guidance and support you need to make progress.


Mustafa Al-Hassani

Personal Development Coach

Fiverr Client

Mustafa is an awesome coach that provided me the tools & support to create 12 week plans to improve my leadership, effectiveness, & development to be a better man for myself, family, & community. Mustafa was able to help me fine tune my goals & improve my ability create daily/weekly measurable objectives to help me reach my goals.


Fiverr Client

I am very happy to have experienced such a personal coaching. I was struggling with idealizing and properly compartmentalizing habits and daily tasks before now. He has an effective way of focusing on different areas of my life with accountability tracking was provided. Happy to consult further.


The Iron Council

Fire Team Leader for Team Relentless on The Iron Council – Online Men’s Group

Personal Development Coach for Menaissance Men’s Group – Ibrahim Islamic Center

Let’s Make Progress Together

We’ll use SMART goals to help you make progress towards vision statement. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. My approach includes a vision statement, daily tactics, and a tracking system, all designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Through personalized coaching and a focus on creating lasting habits, I’m committed to helping you achieve success and take your life to the next level.

Structure of Program

Basic Tier – 15 Min

  • An introduction call to explain the system and see if this program is a good fit for you

Standard Tier – 60 Min x 2

  • 60 min call to write a Vision Statement
  • 60 min call to write a 12 Week Action Plan
    • 4 SMART Goals
    • Daily tactics
    • Measure monthly check points for yourself

Premium Tier – 60 min x 4

  • 60 min Vision Statement (Same as Standard Tier)
  • 60 min Action Plan (Same as Standard Tier)
  • 60 min After Action Review for month 1
  • 60 min After Action Review for month 2

What is a Vision Statement?

A declaration of what you want to achieve in the long term. Who you want to become and what you want to accomplish in your personal and professional life. It creates a clear picture of your desired future and guides your decision-making process towards your ultimate goal.

The Four Areas

We’ll define SMART goals in four areas. These areas cover all aspects of your life and provide a holistic approach to goal-setting.

  • Calibration: Related to mental health/emotional health/faith
  • Connection: A relationship you want to improve
  • Condition: Physical health, diet, nutrition, fitness, firearms training, self-defense
  • Contribution: Your personal value that you offer to the world, income, career, volunteer work, and learning new skills that provide value.

Daily Tactics

We’ll establish daily tactics to help you achieve your goals. They’re specific, achievable action items designed to create positive habits that lead to lasting change.

We’ll identify the primary tactic that will make progress towards your goal and a secondary tactic that you can use on days when the primary tactic isn’t feasible.

Im working hard for those grades. Portrait of a university student sitting in the library



Introduction to see if this is a good fit

  • Intro to see if this is a good fit
  • Call 2
  • Call 3
  • Call 4

Schedule With Me



Action Plan with no accountability help

  • Vision Statement
  • Action Plan
  • Call 3
  • Call 4

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Action Plan with Accountability!

  • Vision Statement
  • Action Plan
  • Month 1 Review
  • Month 2 Review


First 30 clients get a free physical copy of my book Level Yourself Up: Motivation, Weight Loss, Fitness!

Offer only to domestic clients

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