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The Islamic concept of “sabr” (صَبْرٌ) refers to the virtue of patience, perseverance, and endurance in the face of adversity. It is a central tenet of the faith and is mentioned frequently in the Quran. Sabr involves remaining calm and steadfast in difficult situations, controlling one’s emotions, and maintaining faith in God’s guidance. As a Muslim, I strive to embody sabr daily to become the best version of myself.

Recently, I read Battle Cry: Waging and Winning the War Within by Jason Wilson. While the book doesn’t mention the word “sabr,” the central theme is the importance of mastering our emotions and achieving inner peace. In the book, Wilson discusses men’s internal battles that can manifest as external conflicts. He explores how men can prevent themselves from achieving happiness and the importance of filling their own cups before pouring into others’.

The book is divided into 11 chapters, which include:

Image: Harper Collins Christian Publishing
  1. Escaping Emotional Incarceration
  2. Misconstrued Masculinity
  3. Putting Peace in Perspective
  4. Courageous Transparency
  5. Abort Your Shadow Mission
  6. Purging Passivity
  7. Combat Communication
  8. Sexual Self-Control
  9. Accepting Affirmation
  10. Rest Now or Rest in Peace
  11. Let Go and Live

Some of my favorite takeaways from the book include:

  • The importance of allowing ourselves to feel and express emotions, rather than suppressing them or becoming an emotional wreck.
  • Recognizing when we’re chasing our “shadow mission” rather than our true purpose, and the importance of following God for strength and purpose.
  • Accepting affirmation and compliments, rather than dismissing them as false humility.
  • The danger of getting caught up in the grind and the importance of rest, relaxation, and fun.

While the book is not explicitly about sabr, it emphasizes the importance of inner peace and tranquility, which is an essential quality for spiritual growth and development. By following the examples and lessons in the book, we can cultivate sabr and become the best versions of ourselves.

Overall, “Battle Cry” offers valuable insights and lessons for men looking to improve their emotional well-being and become better versions of themselves. By acknowledging and dealing with our emotions, finding purpose, and building healthy relationships, we can overcome our struggles and find inner peace.

I found this book to be a very valuable read. We keep hearing about “toxic masculinity” in our society but not enough talk about how to truly be masculine and how to be the man we need to be for our families and for society. While Jason Wilson doesn’t share the same faith as myself, I didn’t find his Christian references to be a turn off. On the contrary, I have a lot of respect that he attributes his strength to God.

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