As the Bible says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17). Self-improvement is an ongoing process, and it’s important to surround yourself with the right people to help you along the way.

For a long time, I used to think that being an introvert meant that I didn’t need to be social in order to improve myself. However, I soon realized that we are social creatures by nature, and we need other people to help us develop and grow. There are three types of people that we need in our lives in order to become the best version of ourselves: a rival, a mentor, and a protégé.

Rival: A healthy dose of competition can be a powerful motivator. When you have someone of similar skill level to compete with, it can incentivize you to push harder and strive for greatness. A rival challenges you to be better and can be a source of inspiration.

Mentor: A mentor is someone who has been where you want to go and can help guide you along the way. They can provide valuable feedback, point out areas for improvement, and offer support and encouragement when you need it. A mentor can help you avoid common pitfalls and help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Protégé: When we teach someone else, we not only help them grow, but we also learn a lot about ourselves in the process. Teaching someone else can help us realize what we don’t know and what we need to work on. It can also give us a sense of purpose and help us feel more fulfilled.

It’s important to remember that no man is an island. We need other people in our lives to help us develop and grow. Surrounding ourselves with a rival, mentor, and protégé can help us become the best version of ourselves. By learning from others, challenging ourselves, and teaching others, we can continue to sharpen ourselves and those around us.

If you’re looking for additional support and guidance in your self-improvement journey, consider my 12-week accountability coaching program. Together, we can work towards your goals and ensure that you’re surrounding yourself with the right people for your continued growth and development.

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