It’s impossible to drive without a destination in mind. Similarly, in life, we need to have a clear direction towards which we want to lead ourselves. A vision statement serves as that destination.

I was once part of a men’s group full of members who wanted to become better men in all aspects of life. One of the first exercises we did was to write a vision statement. It’s a simple, yet powerful exercise that has the ability to transform your life.

A vision statement is a passage about yourself in the future, written in present tense. It describes who you are, your core values, your qualities, and your achievements. It’s a statement that defines your purpose and helps you stay focused on your goals.

When we shared our vision statements in small groups, one person’s statement stood out. It was all about material possessions – the size of his bank account, his car, and his house. We reminded him that the point of a vision statement is not to focus on the material things, but to define the qualities that make you who you are.

Your vision statement should describe the person you aspire to be. What are your values? What kind of leader are you? What do you do for your family, your community, and the world?

Here’s a short example:

“I wake up every morning at 5am because I’m persistent. My family loves me and respects me because I keep my word and always work hard for them. I volunteer my time with my community center because I’m a man who brings value to others. I exercise every day because fitness and health are important to me.

Your vision statement can be one paragraph or an entire page. It’s key to guiding you towards your personal success and it’s supposed to excite you. Writing a vision statement is a simple yet powerful tool to help you define your core values, stay focused on your goals, and ultimately transform your life. So take some time to reflect on who you want to be and what you want to achieve, and let your vision statement guide you towards success.

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