“A believer is the mirror of his brother,” said Prophet Mohammed (SAWW). This highlights the importance of direct feedback, as it allows us to reflect and improve upon ourselves.

I used to be overweight as a child and obese for most of my adult life, and I injured my spine which left me feeling depressed and unmotivated to make any changes. It wasn’t until my wife pointed out how my complacency was affecting our relationship that I realized I needed to take control of my life and make some changes. I recently shared on social media that celebrating a problem is wrong. “I accept that I’m obese” is not a complete thought. After acceptance, there needs to be a “therefore.” Such as: “I accept that I’m obese, therefore I have to do something about it.” If we stop at acceptance, we don’t move towards the solution. The solution should be addressed.

One of the problems with being coddled with our problems is that we can become complacent. Celebrating our issues without addressing the root cause won’t lead us to a solution. This is where direct feedback comes in. We need truthful feedback that’s not sugar-coated, so that we can address our issues and make the necessary changes.

Last year, I submitted my game, Beware, to multiple publishers to try and secure a publishing deal. Most publishers were polite but provided a generic rejection, stating that my game didn’t fit their portfolio. However, a few publishers provided me with direct feedback that was tough to read, but it allowed me to make improvements to the game and make it better. Truthful feedback can be difficult to hear, but it can be the catalyst for change and growth.

This is why direct feedback is so important. We don’t need to be mean to others when providing feedback, but we also shouldn’t coddle them. Honest feedback helps us identify areas where we need to improve and make changes. It’s essential to find a balance between being too harsh and being too forgiving.

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