Former UFC Champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov said “Fighting gives you confidence. When you train hard, you feel that you can do anything.”

Having some sort of physical deficiency can take a toll on your self-confidence. Whether you have a permanent injury, like my spinal injury, or if you have below-average height. It’s easy to have a chip on our shoulders and lack self-confidence. One way for short men to gain self-confidence is to learn a combat sport.

Former UFC Champion Demetrious Johnson, who is 5’3″ tall, explains, “This is a conversation for us short kings here…A lot of times people think because you’re short it’s a disadvantage. Not really. You’re more explosive, you’re harder to take down because of the level change…In other words, being short fighting somebody that has more length, there’s more body to grab.” Being short is only a disadvantage if you view it that way. For him to become a champion, he had to look at how his below-average height can give him an advantage.

Here are five reasons why combat sports can build confidence for short men:

  1. Level playing field: Combat sports offer a level playing field where height is not always an advantage. Techniques and strategy can often compensate for a lack of height.
  2. Physical conditioning: Combat sports require a high level of physical fitness and conditioning. By training regularly and pushing themselves to their limits, short men can gain confidence in their physical abilities.
  3. Self-defense: Learning combat sports can give short men the ability to defend themselves in case of an attack or altercation. This sense of security can build confidence in everyday life.
  4. Overcoming challenges: Combat sports involve facing challenges and overcoming obstacles, both physical and mental. By pushing through these challenges, short men can gain confidence in their ability to face and overcome adversity.
  5. Sense of achievement: Regular training and competing in combat sports can give short men a sense of achievement and accomplishment. This feeling of success can boost their confidence and self-esteem in all areas of life.

In conclusion, combat sports offer a level playing field where height is not always an advantage, and can help short men gain self-confidence in their physical abilities, learn self-defense, overcome challenges, and achieve a sense of accomplishment. As former UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov said, “When you know how to fight, you feel safe and confident. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone.” So if you are a short man looking to boost your self-confidence, consider learning a combat sport. It could be the catalyst that propels you to new heights in all areas of your life. And if you need help setting goals and creating a vision for your life, schedule a session with me for my 12-week accountability program.

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